Global Citizenship for Success


Mandy Liang Miss Chinese Toronto is a successful entrepreneur that got her degree in finance and banking. She has especially been appreciated in her workplace because she bring in the most clients. She doesn’t have much of a strategy however. Although she works for a bank full-time, she is dedicated to the success of her clients. For that reason, clientele is particularly attracted to her consultations because they know that she will do what’s in their best interest with their money, not the bank’s. The bank allocates the majority of it’s success with clientele to Mandy Liang Miss Chinese Toronto. She has captured the majority of her bank’s region market share. Her energy and charismatic generous personality has brought all her co-workers to like her just as much as the clients.

To Mandy, having her clients in her best interest has nothing to do with her job. It is simply being a good person and a global citizen. Her honesty with clients is remarkable says her supervisor. At first, management was sceptical about her honesty because although banks are supposed to be an advising institution, they are also there to make money. Often times, that is their sole goal is to make money off of your money.

Since her childhood, Mandy Liang Miss Chinese Toronto has been a frequent practiser of global citizenship in her every day actions. She took the garbage out at school to help the janitor so he didn’t have to make multiple trips. She played bingo at the local old age home. He constant generosity has bled into her work and paid off well.

Th successful global citizen has always been a firm believer and practiser of solidarity, encouraging citizens to protect others, their fellow citizens, and neighbours. She knows that if everybody helps everybody a little bit in this world, slowly but surely, the world will be a better place. Mandy Liang Miss Chinese Toronto urges you, the reader, to do something today for someone else. It does not have to be a big gesture. Little acts of kindness can go a long way.

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