Jack Rochel and Stress at Work


Jack Rochel has many services available at his organization to help combat stress in his employees. He has a retired psychologist on call who lives nearby in case an employee is in distress, he has a daycare for parents who don’t have access to daycare, and also any employee who has been let go due to poor performance, a heated conflict or any other reason, he has an amazing team to help individuals to transition to another job with amazing financial services to help them in the transitional period. However, there are many of types of stress in the work environment, such as role ambiguity, role conflict, politics and job security.

Jack Rochel makes sure the roles of his employees are thoroughly explained so there is no ambiguity confusing his employees. It can be stress when an employee is having trouble deciding what they need to do since they do not have a clear understanding of their role and can affect performance since their level of satisfaction would most likely be extremely low.

Role conflict is another problem that induce stress in employees. Imagine your job is to code for an online site and pass on the work to someone else for quality testing who was specifically hired to do just that but you end up doing the quality testing whereas the quality tester are attending meetings that were job specific to you.

This can create a level of job dissatisfaction in the work environment and greatly affect performance. Jack Rochel is a leader who realizes the importance of acknowledging stress and providing tools for his employees to decrease any levels stress whether if its not work related.

Even our lives at home can create stress at work since our minds are actively thinking about the situation at home. Jack Rochel provides 4 weeks of paid vacations and twelve paid sick days which he allows employees to take off if they aren’t sick. His only concern is that they don’t take those days off to stay at home and binge watch Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones.

He encourages them to use sick days if they need to take care of issues at home and rather have them come back to work 100% or close to 100%. Even if they have a major event like a concert or some festival and it happens once a year, he allows them to use their sick days and informs his managers to be lenient with the employees, especially if they work hard and deliver on their work. Jack Rochel truly understands the well being of his employees.

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