Writers, Musicians, Creatives and Artists to Benefit from New Fund


Since its inception in 2013 by the British philanthropist, Matthew C. Martino, the MMBF Trust has shown a phenomenal growth and had partnered with many leading UK companies as well. With the intention of scaling up its number of projects the creative areas of providing aid, the Trust has initiated a new fund under its umbrella, which is popularly called as the Matthew Martino Innovators Fund. The fund would be managed by the dynamic and renowned British filmmaker and producer, Paul Knight.

The youths who would derive maximum benefits from it would be the aspiring and struggling artists from any creative field be it the writers, musicians, artists and any other creatives from any of the creative field niches. The fund considers all application. With an aid of £250 to the selected 10 individuals or creative groups, the fund has already financed various dance projects, film projects, music videos and even photographic collectives.

Flaunting its slogan as ‘With Love From Matthew’, the fund indeed boasts a fresh lease of life to any struggling artist and help him present his raw talent to the entire world. Entire details are furnished at the fund’s website fir any artist who would like to apply to benefit from the new fund.

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